2011 Gawad Felix H. Limcaoco Jr. Awardee: Jayson Bermudez

Every year, students graduate from the university. Some excel in the academics and are therefore awarded with academic honors. Some excel in leadership, in the arts, and in sports and are therefore given awards and recognition befitting them.

There is however one type of graduate who is left unrecognized. These are the working students – who are able to graduate despite the odds of balancing work and studies.

The late Regent Hon. Felix H. Limcaoco, Jr. had a deep sense of compassion for students like them. This award is a fitting recognition of his love and support for the students of the university and this will likewise serve as a fitting recognition of PnC students who struggled through college life but managed to graduate with flying colors.

For this year’s commencement exercises, we are launching the GAWAD FELIX H. LIMCAOCO, JR.

And the first Gaward Felix H. Limcaoco, Jr. awardee comes from the College of Education.


Our awardee is a familiar face to all of you.  You see him every day. He cleans your comfort rooms. He cleans your classrooms. He cleans your corridors. He picks up your litter. He mops the floor after you have stepped on it with your dirty shoes. He cleans the gym after you have enjoyed your party and messed up with the place with your food leftovers. And finally, while you are all home perhaps studying your lessons or doing your assignments…or for most of you, updating your facebook status, our awardee is still here in school fixing the rooms, arranging the chairs, and making sure that the classrooms will be clean and ready when you get back the next day. For 3 years, he worked for you and for me so that we will have a clean and convenient learning environment. But even as he did all these, he never failed to set aside time for his studies. With such dedication, hard work, discipline, and determination – he was able to graduate cum laude and now the first awardee of Gawad Felix H. Limcaoco, Jr..


1st Gawad Felix H. Limcaoco, Jr. Awardee

Before I lead you fellow graduates to our pledge of loyalty, allow me to take this opportunity to thank the Limcaoco Foundation, Inc., Mrs. Pinky Limcaoco, Mrs. Katrina Limcaoco-Alcuaz, Mrs. Josefina Limcaoco and the University Administration for the recognition given to me – the Gawad Felix H. Limcaoco, Jr.

It is a great honor to be given such recognition in honor of a great man and philanthropist, the late Regent Felix H. Limcaoco, Jr. I am so humbled to bear his name. This shall serve as a challenge for me to live up to such an award because after today and on to the rest of the years of this university, I shall be known as the first Gawad Felix H. Limcaoco, Jr.

I have spent years of working as your janitor in this university. During those same years, I was a student in the College of Education. Balancing work and studies was very hard but what kept me pursuing my dream is my belief that “poverty is not a hindrance.” Cleaning your comfort rooms was something I was not ashamed of doing. Fixing your rooms was a work I have learned to love. Mopping the floors of the hallway was both a pride and an honor because I knew in my heart that doing such kind of work will someday lead me to this very stage where I am standing on right now addressing you. Receiving the Gawad Limcaoco award was something I did not expect. That is why thank you so much, Ma’am Pinky.

I also would like to thank Prof. Albert Madrigal, our VPAA, who conceived of this award for working students like me. Sir, thank you so much for your service to the university.

To Mayor Jun, thank you, sir for all your plans and programs for the university. You have treated us like your real sons and daughters. Gusto niyo mapabuti ang kalagayan naming mga mag-aaral.

To Vice Mayor Mel Gecolea, sir thank you so much. We know that foremost in your mind is the welfare of the students. Maraming salamat Vice…ramdam po ng mga mag-aaral sa pamantasan ang pagkalinga niyo sa amin.

Finally, I would like to thank the Almighty for all his blessings. Without his grace and mercy, I would not have been successful in doing both my work and my studies. God, thank you po.

Now, fellow graduates….may I request you to stand. We shall now as one class…the Class of 2011….pledge our loyalty to our Alma Mater…the Pamantasan ng Cabuyao…

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