Groundbreaking Ceremony for Mottainai Reading Center




Last October, 2012, was the groundbreaking ceremony for the Mottainai Reading Center in the Paaralang Sentral ng Cabuyao, sponsored by Office Busters Japan and our foundation. Top management of both sponsors, as well as the teachers, administration, and local government officials attended.


Mrs. Josefina K. Limcaoco, Mr. Kotaro Adachi, Mr. Masayoshi Kumagai, and Mr. Felix K. Limcaoco, sit in attendance.



A ceremonial time capsule was buried at the site.


A simple blessing. The gentle rain shower was looked upon as a sign of good luck.





Gamely posing for pictures.



The Reading Center is scheduled to open in the summer of 2013. Our storytelling sessions and remedial reading lessons will be held here.

Mottainai means “no wasted resources” in Japanese.

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LICA Volunteers Visit To Our Projects

LICA, being one of our sponsors, encourages their employees to volunteer. The HR department brought some of the employees around Cabuyao to visit our  projects so that they how to get involved.

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Appreciation Program for the Mottainai Reading Center

After the groundbreaking ceremony, the Paaralang Sentral ng Cabuyao (Cabuyao Central School) treated the representatives of Office Busters Japan and the Limcaoco Foundation to an Appreciation Ceremony.



Responses from Office Busters Japan and the Limcaoco Foundation.

Mr. Masayoshi Kumagai, Director of Office Busters Japan, explains the meaning of Mottainai, and Mr. Kotaro Adachi ably translates.



Mr. Felix K. Limcaoco gives the history and idea behind the Limcaoco Foundation.


Signing the Memorandum of Agreement…..


….and enjoying our meal!


We’re proud and happy to partner with Office Busters Japan!


Thank you also to Vice-Mayor Mel Gecolea for always being there to support us.


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OfficeBusters Japan’s visit to the Cabuyao Children’s Center


Last October 2012, OfficeBusters Japan management team from Japan visited our projects in Cabuyao.


They enjoyed their visit to our Angels In Heaven school. The kids charmed them with their recitations and songs.




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Angels In Heaven Graduation and Recognition Day

March 22, 2013

42 scholars graduate from our Kindergarten school.




Leading the Pledge of Allegiance.



Their diploma.



Students and parents happily getting together after the ceremony.



LICA employees enjoying their break from the office to see our angels graduate. What a proud day!


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Habagat Relief Giving 2012: Barangay Bigaa

Our next evacuation center was Barangay Bigaa. This evacuation center had more space than Barangay Butong Elementary School, so we expected more families and people here.

We were greeted by the recipients already lined up in an orderly fashion. Again, the local government sent a team earlier to help organize everything.


Dexter gives out instructions to the participants.

One of our donors, Honda Cars Rizal, donated the use of their van. This van was filled with pails of goods.

People of all ages, from babies to grandparents, were waiting for us.

Our parent volunteers help unload the van.

Hertz Philippines, another donor, assigned drivers with the vehicles. These drivers also chose to participate with the distribution. They looked so official in their uniforms!

These people were just representatives of the families in this evacuation center.

Again, everything was peaceful and orderly. We were lucky that the weather also cooperated.

Jayson again plays traffic controller, and carefully checks the stubs to make sure the numerical order is followed.

Its important that this stub system is followed because things could get chaotic without it. 

Kotaro-san helps this grandmother out.

Representatives from the LICA Group of Companies!


Again, thank you to the local government and these DSWD employees for helping us.

All the volunteers, smile! :)

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Habagat Relief Giving 2012: Barangay Butong Elementary School

Sept. 5, 2012, some volunteers from the LICA Group of Companies accompanied us to 2 evacuation centers in Cabuyao, Laguna. Cabuyao is one of the hardest hit towns because of its proximity to Laguna Lake.


These pictures show Barangay Butong 1 month AFTER the constant rains. As you can tell, these flood waters are taking a while to drain, and all it will take is another storm, and these water levels will rise again. (Note: as of this writing, there were 3 or 4 more typhoons forecasted). Actually, we were told that drainage is so insufficient here that only sunny days can decrease these water levels.

We arrive at the Elementary School of Barangay Butong, which is being used as an evacuation center. The school is still flooded and we alight from the car onto a makeshift “dock”.

Waters are at least ankle-high, and the local government built these wooden walkways so that people could leave the rooms and get around.

Below us is black, stagnant water, with garbage afloat. Thankfully it was a breezy day, so there was no stench, but one can just imagine the mosquito problem.

These structures are only large enough for one way traffic, so people politely wait for each other to pass.

We were brought to one of the classrooms to give our pails of goods. Unlike other evacuation centers that had a lot of space, we were confined to a very small aisle, since all the classrooms were occupied. Only 10 evacuees were allowed at a time.

Jayson, our Program Manager, controls the traffic. The wooden bridges are also limited to how many people they can carry.

The volunteers and evacuees are all smiles!

More traffic control. The local government had distributed stubs the day before, so it was quite orderly. Only those with stubs were allowed on the bridge, in numerical order. The man in pink was a teacher of the school.

Kotaro Adachi, or Kotaro-san, Officebusters Japan’s representative, was very eager to join us. Officebusters Japan was one of our major donors for this relief drive, and wired us money. Other big donors were the LICA group of companies and their employees.

After getting their pails, the 10 evacuees file out the same way they come in. The space was THAT confined.

After getting their pail, they go back to the rooms where they’ve lived for a month. We were told that when its school time, the families have to stay outside the classroom while classes are going on. When class is dismissed, the families go back in to the room. There really is no where else to go. And with the water still at least ankle-deep, they estimate that it will be at least one more month until their barangay dries up enough to return home. That is, if there are no more heavy rains.
It’s quite difficult to keep the premises clean with such crowds.

Peeking out of classrooms.

Life in the evacuation center. All of them just want to go home, and pray for more sun.

Friendly waves from the upper balconies.

This man tries to keep the premises clean.

We’d like to thank the teachers of Barangay Butong Elementary School, who organized and led this drive.

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