The HOPE program

The HOPE (Holistic Professional Excellence) Training Program is a multi-aspect training course that aims to hone the Out-of-School-Youth (OSY) not only in the SKILLS needed to perform a job, but equally as important, to mold them to become responsible and productive members of their family, community and the society. We provide them structured learning through a seminar-workshop in Professional Attitude, Character, Team Initiative and Values Enhancement (PRO-ACTIVE). To complete the holistic learning model and to give them competitive advantage, a Basic Communication Skills Training is also provided.

In this Agricultural-Entrepreneurship Training, the SKILLS component focuses on the two Major Skills Learning: Agricultural and Entrepreneurial Skills. The main premise is that to make agriculture an effective and immediate tool in addressing poverty, it should be coupled with Entrepreneurship Training so that it can be a means of livelihood which can augment a family income even on a subsistence level.


I.               Agricultural Skills Training

1st Week: Module 1 – Dairy Farming

2nd Week: Module 2 – Horticultural Crops Production (Vegetables, Fruits, Ornamental Cut Flowers)

3rd Week: Module 3 – Food Processing (Milk Products, Vegetables, Fruits, Meats)

4th Week: Module 4 – Farm Machineries and Hospitality Training

II.             Professional Attitude, Character, Team Initiative and Values Enhancement

A behavioral training-workshop that aims to instill professional work values and positive outlook in life towards self-reliance and success

  • Stewardship and Nationalism
  • Integrity, Reputation and Core values
  • The Inner Software: Regaining Self-Worth and Positive Outlook
  • Basic Social Skills
  • Building Dreams

III.           Basic Professional Communication Skills

  • Basic English Grammar
  • Basic Writing Skills (Reports, Simple Correspondence, etc.)
  • Speaking Skills (Report presentations, carrying out discussions, persuasiveness)
  • Behavioral Communications

IV.           Entrepreneurial Skills Training

  • Basic Marketing Skills (4 P’s of Marketing: Product, Place, Price, People)
  • Business Financial Literacy
  • Business Planning (Final Output: Business Plan as Re-Entry Action Plan to the real world)

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