We Care And Share!

Last Sept. 6, 2018, the employees of the Hyundai dealerships of the Lica Autonation (Lipa, Batangas, Cainta, and Shaw) visited our Little Angels school to donate toys and school suppliers and to see our students in action.

Representatives from the different dealerships organized a field trip to Cabuyao, Laguna just to be able to personally deliver their donations to the school.

Those who went were:

Joana Barcelon – Group Customer Relations Manager (Shaw Automotive Resources Inc.)

Eva Marie Dometita – Customer Relations Manager of Hyundai Shaw

Louisie Cuevas – Customer Relations Manager of Hyundai Cainta

Ronessa Matira – Customer Relations Manager of Hyundai Batangas

Mitzi Hornilla – Customer Relations Manager of Hyundai Lipa

The representatives had an enjoyable morning interacting with the kids and sharing their time with them.

This worthy program was initiated by the Customer Relations Management Department of Shaw Automotive Resources, Inc., which is headed by Nanette G. Alonzo.

All donations came from the employees from their generous hearts! They will go a long way in helping our scholars learn even more.

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We rise as we lift others


We recognize every effort that our affiliates’ employees exert. Now, it’s time to give back and show our appreciation to them.

In line with our mission in providing health and education assistance to the youth, Limcaoco Foundation gives an educational assistance for legal dependents of the employees of LDB (Luzon Development Bank) and Lica Group of Companies. This assistance is available from elementary to college students.

We believe that employees are the best investment that a business could have. By lending them a hand through our educational assistance, we are helping our employees finance their child’s education while ensuring their bright future.

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The Little Angels are “Back to School”, courtesy of F.T. Limcaoco Sr. Foundation!


Teachers and staff just recently conducted its yearly Parent and Children Screening and Interview for incoming Nursery students of the Cabuyao Children Center. This year’s enlistment grew by 40% vs. last year of 42 students.

Geared for the screening, the Foundation’s General Manager, Mr. Rey Sotelo happily headed the interview of parents of more than 60 incoming students who mostly come from the marginalized sector of the society and living within the community of Cabuyao in Laguna. Mostly poor in relations and resources, the parents gladly opened up and accepted the free education offer from the Foundation.

F.T. Limcaoco Sr. Foundation aims to provide health and education assistance to young and deserving people of Cabuyao in Laguna where the founders of Lica Group, the largest automotive network and real estate developer, were rooted from.

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Little Angels’ 2015 – 2016 Culminating Activity


Don’t forget to look back. It’s gratifying to see how far you’ve come..

In celebration with this month’s spirit of success and achievement, Limcaoco Foundation (LF) commend these little ones, who received their diploma as graduates of the foundation’s kindergarten level. It may still be a long way towards college but what is important is the foundation of learning and the passion of children for knowledge.

LF also extended its gratitude and acknowledgement to the parents for their solid support and guidance to their kids throughout their educational journey. The father and the mother’s encouragements will keep the little angels motivated to be what they want to be in the future.

Indeed, education is a vital key towards the future. And here at Limcaoco Foundation, it gives aspiring children that “key”.

Look Forward, Graduate, But Don’t Forget to Look Back.

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Gearing Up for the Big Day



It’s back to school again! Our Cabuyao Children’s Center’s teachers conducted a Parent and Children Screening in preparation for the start of the school year.

Teachers geared up for the screening with their welcoming smile and ready to serve stance. It was a busy yet productive day for our teachers.

We appreciate the eagerness of the parents who brought their kids to us for the screening. This school year will be another great opportunity for all of us, especially to our young students.

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To A Wonderful Dad

Limcaoco Foundation Happy Father's Day!


He may look strict and authoritative but inside him is a kind heart that breaks in silence each time you

fail and make mistakes.

Our salute to all the men out there who are working hard to be a good father to their children! We hope

this Father’s Day is your very best by far.

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Land of the Free

Araw ng kalayaan_FLF (1)

Our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal once said that men are born equal, naked and without chains. They were not created by God to be enslaved, neither were they endowed with intelligence in order to be misled, nor adorned with reason to be fooled by others.

Bullets destroyed Rizal, but his brilliant mind destroyed an empire. His words planted the seed of inspiration, courage and heroism on the hearts of every Filipino soldier who battled against the tyranny of the Spaniards. And the freedom that was stolen from us, was taken back by our heroes. On this day in history, June 12, 1898, was the day that finalized the end of slavery and oppression.

We are born equal and free.  Today, we celebrate the 117th year of our freedom.

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It’s Another Fruitful Year for Students

Back to school 2015

It will be another fruitful year of learning. This back to school, F. Limcaoco Foundation welcomes the budding doctors, teachers, executives, engineers, or nurses of the future. Whatever their career would be, we are here and we are honored to witness how they start to learn and discover their potentials.

We cannot wait to see the new faces that will fill the class of F. Limcaoco Foundation Kindergarten and the Cabuyao Children’s Center. The home of learning is now set to hold another exciting milestone for our budding young students.

The students who were able to manage their studies despite the financial challenges will not be left unrecognized. We have deep appreciation to those who work hard to finance their needs in school. This school year, F. Limcaoco Foundation will once again show its high recognition to those working students who were able to graduate college. At the end of the line awaits the Gawad Felix H. Limcaoco Jr. for that chosen graduating working student of the Pamantasan ng Cabuyao.

F. Limcaoco Foundation cares about the future hopes. Through this simple message, we encourage the parents to send their kids to school. We are also looking forward to see more aspiring students this year. No matter how hard the challenges can be, you can all make it!

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Limcaoco Foundation participated in DepEd’s Brigada Eskwela

Limcaoco Foundation participated in Dep-Ed Brigada Eskwela

The F.Limcaoco Foundation together with Luzon Devt Bank (LDB) participated in the Adopt-A-School Program wherein, private sector companies and professionals are given the opportunity to help the public education sector.

For this school year, DepEd launched the National Schools Maintenance Week starting from May 18-23, 2015, dubbed as Brigada Eskwela wherein, teachers, parents and community members worked together in repairing and preparing public schools for the opening of classes.

Help was extended through donations of cleaning materials and refreshments.  Moreover, volunteers from LDB provided manpower in the clean up program. This year’s Brigada Eskwela activity was held at the  Cabuyao Central School.

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Hopeful Smiles From Yesterday


We’re looking back to those grateful smiles that welcomed us despite the misfortunes that were lashed out into them by “Habagat”.

What we have here is a reminder of the past by which our strength and unity were tested through by the acts of nature. It was hard and devastating, and despite all that, we did not compound in the failures we saw that day, we rose from it with hopes in our hearts.

To our brothers and sisters in Barangay Bigaa, we hope and pray you are doing great.

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