Angels in Heaven 2018 – 2019 Distribution of Report Cards

The distribution of report cards was an opportunity to meet the parents and guardians of the 2018 – 2019 Limcaoco scholars.  Out of 51 parents, 45 of them came. Q & A forms were distributed and the highlight of the questionnaire was, “Now that your child has graduated from kindergarten, what are your plans for your child’s education?” ·Majority said they will continue to send them back to school and the results of which schools, were as follows:

  • Cabuyao public schools – 39 children
  • Cabuyao private schools – 5 children
  • No idea, to date – 1 child

It was a relatively good indication that the Limcaoco scholars are from the poor and indigent families of Cabuyao. ·Thereafter story books (in behalf of the Foundation) were distributed to each parent or guardian who answered the Q & A forms, to give to their children and encourage them to read during the summer break.

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