KwentoBus Philippines

Two foundations, Limcaoco Foundation (Manila) and IFL Integrated Community Development Ministries, Inc. (City of Cabuyao, Laguna) have joined forces to give birth to KwentoBus or KB last August 11, 2018.

KwentoBus is a mobile library but it’s more than that! It hopes to reach the less-privileged children and youth in poor areas in coordination with LGUs, local DSWD, DepEd and other concerned agencies. KB  will deliver educational services by teaching children how to read using an internationally recognized reading program called Sing, Spell, Read & Write (SSRW). This is widely used by IFL schools’ affiliates all over the country who are mostly children in the poor communities. Children get to have much fun learning and along with accompanying exciting Story Telling, it develops in them the love for reading!

KwentoBus culminated their 1st reading program

The first batch of 150 grade school children from the South Ville Elementary school of Cabuyao completed the 6 month reading program of the IFL Integrated Community Development Ministries, Inc., last January 26, 2019.

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