Little Angels’ 2015 – 2016 Culminating Activity


Don’t forget to look back. It’s gratifying to see how far you’ve come..

In celebration with this month’s spirit of success and achievement, Limcaoco Foundation (LF) commend these little ones, who received their diploma as graduates of the foundation’s kindergarten level. It may still be a long way towards college but what is important is the foundation of learning and the passion of children for knowledge.

LF also extended its gratitude and acknowledgement to the parents for their solid support and guidance to their kids throughout their educational journey. The father and the mother’s encouragements will keep the little angels motivated to be what they want to be in the future.

Indeed, education is a vital key towards the future. And here at Limcaoco Foundation, it gives aspiring children that “key”.

Look Forward, Graduate, But Don’t Forget to Look Back.

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