Mothers of our future generation, we salute you!

Womens International Month

Limcaoco Foundation recognizes this women’s month as the month of mothers!

Women’s International Month or Women’s History Month highlights the contribution of women to events in history, and realizes women’s undying efforts to be recognized as an individual who knows her strength, worthy of confidence.

This annual celebration for women reminds us that every woman despite of her color, race, physical appearance, and economic status shall be addressed with respect and be given her inalienable rights to be free.

It was indeed a long journey endured by women of all ages to be recognized in the space they are living in. And that no matter how many times a woman stumbles, she never fails to stand up again and claim back her grace.

We also value this month as the month of all mothers. While the world appreciates the contributions of women in the history of mankind, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight the significant role of mothers in molding the future. They may not be as iconic and prominent like Queen Elizabeth II, Margaret Thatcher, and Oprah Winfrey; in fact, they are just plain women in simple clothes, with no personal effects to show off. We are talking about the women who own less in life, but are capable of giving off more efforts just to support their children’s needs. They are mothers and housewives day and night. The role that they play is way too great to be left unnoticed.

From our humble place in Laguna to the four corners of the globe, we want to echo our deepest thanks and praise to all the women, and to all the mothers of our future generation.

We dedicate this month of March to all our mothers. Limcaoco Foundation salutes you all!

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