Habagat Relief Giving 2012: Barangay Bigaa

Our next evacuation center was Barangay Bigaa. This evacuation center had more space than Barangay Butong Elementary School, so we expected more families and people here.

We were greeted by the recipients already lined up in an orderly fashion. Again, the local government sent a team earlier to help organize everything.


Dexter gives out instructions to the participants.

One of our donors, Honda Cars Rizal, donated the use of their van. This van was filled with pails of goods.

People of all ages, from babies to grandparents, were waiting for us.

Our parent volunteers help unload the van.

Hertz Philippines, another donor, assigned drivers with the vehicles. These drivers also chose to participate with the distribution. They looked so official in their uniforms!

These people were just representatives of the families in this evacuation center.

Again, everything was peaceful and orderly. We were lucky that the weather also cooperated.

Jayson again plays traffic controller, and carefully checks the stubs to make sure the numerical order is followed.

Its important that this stub system is followed because things could get chaotic without it. 

Kotaro-san helps this grandmother out.

Representatives from the LICA Group of Companies!


Again, thank you to the local government and these DSWD employees for helping us.

All the volunteers, smile! 🙂

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