Habagat Relief Giving 2012: Assembling The Relief Packs

We targeted giving a relief pack to 300 families still in evacuation centers in Cabuyao, Laguna. Because of our generous donors who gave us goods and cash, we were able to come up with a relief pack that had not only food items, but non-perishable items as well.

We received numerous donations of sacks of rice, some of which Old Swiss Inn cooked for ready-to-eat meals. See the link here.

We also received cash donations from many people, and were able to buy items in the Divisoria, assorted canned goods, AND medicines.

We decided to use plastic pails as the container for the items. This served 2 purposes: the pail will be useful AND we could avoid using more plastic bags.

The relief pack would contain the following:

Mosquito Net
Coffee 3 in 1
Powdered Milk (sachet)
Water 1L
Meat Loaf

1kg uncooked rice

A separate relief pack will be given for the medicines of Coldzep and Loperamide.

The parents of our scholars volunteered to pack the items.

The pail was already full with the food items alone! 

The mosquito net (to prevent dengue) was placed on top to act as a cushion.

And a bright, colorful, plastic banig (woven mat) was taped over as the cover.

All the pails were neatly packed and ready to go!

We’d like to thank our major donors: Officebusters Japan and the LICA Group of Companies. There were also other countless of donors who dropped off their donations at the Old Swiss Inn Restaurant.

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