HOPE Program: Daily Routine and “Boodle Fight”

Part of the discipline instilled in the students is that they are obliged to start the day with a prayer and Flag Ceremony. The first is to honor God for giving us the opportunity to be the Stewards of His creations;


the latter is to remind each one of the importance of Patrimony, Love of Country and simply being a true Filipino by offering everything that we do not only for ourselves but for our country as well. The students are also led in a brief exercise routine to promote the importance of daily physical fitness.


As their first dinner together, the students had a “Boodle Fight”. The Boodle Fight is a military style of eating, where food is shared on one long table. This activity is deemed important to break down the “hiya”, or “self-consciousness” associated with “Social Boundaries” and personal reservations. The dinner in “one plate” symbolizes three things: 1. Breaking the personal boundary 2. Becoming a member of a “family”—that they are all brothers and sisters 3. To achieve unity in diversity.

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