The HOPE Program: Recruitment and Launch

Foundation Manager Dexter Gianan kicked off the HOPE program by interviewing, shortlisting, and orienting the new scholars in the Cabuyao main house. As 6 of our 12 scholars were coming from Cabuyao, the main house was a convenient place to meet them.

After careful selection of deserving scholars, we launched the HOPE program on July 2. It would be the first day of the scholars in Lica Farm, Lipa, where they will stay for a month. These students will undergo training in the 4 areas that Lica Farm already practices: dairy farming, horticulture, food processing, and farm machineries/hospitality. 1 week is devoted to each area, so by the end of one month, the students would have completed one round, and at least have had an introduction to the said areas.

Meet the people behind the HOPE program:

The Training and Management Team

The “launch” was well-attended, from Director Josefina K. Limcaoco and Doc “Abet”(who is going to teach the dairy farming module)….

….to the SWAP students (these students swap free living quarters for actually working on the farm), who gamely performed the intermission number.

Dexter explained the meaning behind the HOPE program

Director Josefina K. Limcaoco congratulated everyone for a job well done!

Presenting the scholars of Batch 2011 Limcaoco Foundation HOPE program!

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